Providing transitional housing is an important aspect of what we do, although we want to do more to help people get back on their feet. One of the ways we can do this is by providing a Community Outreach Center. This year we were generously gifted another property from Angie Henke of Reaching Out who had similar dreams for her building. Located at 70 Hedges Ave in Downtown Mansfield, not far from our other properties, we think this building would make a great community outreach center.


The community outreach center would function as a daytime shelter and provide clothing, basic household needs, food, and additional resources. We envision having volunteers at the center who can help people find jobs and inform them about the other resources and services available in our community. Most importantly, the volunteers would show anyone who enters our doors genuine support, love, and acceptance.



This project is perhaps our most ambitious yet. Until now, our only form of fundraising has been Addy’s Attic and various yard and parking lot sales that we’ve organized. Although these efforts have gotten us this far, we need more support to bring our next big dream to life. Right now we are asking for your help. 

We have so many ideas for this building but must first start with it’s infrastructure. Before we can do anything, there is a terrible leak in the roof that needs to be fixed. This alone will cost a lot of money. How can you help? The best way to support our cause is by making a financial donation. Otherwise, we are always looking for volunteers and hands on support! In order to get this project off the ground, we are going to need building materials and people who can help with the construction. Once the center is open, we will begin accepting donations in the form of food and household items. If all of the churches in our community, all of the businesses and organizations, contribute something, pitch in just a little, we can make such a huge difference in the lives of so many people.